Morning Tour : 4 Hours

$50 per person

Difficulty: Easy

Cape Town City Half Day Tour

Hello! Welcome to my Cape Town city Half Day tour information page. This is a lovely morning tour filled with adventure! The tour is jam packed with garden parks, mountain passes, pristine white beaches, granite rock view points, health wraps on the beach & bus hopping, leaving you with no shortage of entertainment, and more importantly, great photos. Below is a breakdown of what to expect from the tour. Once you are ready to book, simply enter your details below and you’re good to go 🙂

Garden park photo walk

Garden park filled with ancient oak trees, historical monuments and hundreds of squirrels


Garden Park

We start our Cape Town City Half Day Tour off, in one of Cape Town’s most beautiful garden parks, right in the heart of the city bowl. Once a garden designed to grow and supply the early Dutch settlers with food, the garden has a long history. It holds one of the oldest trees in Cape Town as well as many magnificent oak trees, that team with life, as they are home to squirrels playing in them. The gardens are also home to many egyptian geese and pigeons. Many great photography opportunities can be made here, from not only the wildlife that inhabit the park, but also the historical monument that lay within the gardens

  • Green garden park
  • Historical monuments
  • Squirrels, geese, pigeons
  • Oak trees and vegetable gardens

Bus Drive & Ice Cream

Our Cape Town City Half Day Tour continues, as we travel over the mountains towards the beach


Bus transport experience

After having explored and taken many great photographs in the Cape Town City gardens, we will continue our Cape Town City Half Day Tour journey up and over the mountain pass towards the sand white beaches. To do so we, will make use of Cape Town’s pristine bus system to get us there. To get to the bus station, we take a quick 5-8 minute walk through Cape Town city, giving you some more great photography opportunities. While waiting at the bus station, you can quickly indulge in some delicious italian ice cream. Once the bus arrives, we will jump aboard and adventure onwards, over the mountain pass towards the beach

  • Quick walk through Cape Town city towards bus station
  • Delicious ice cream as we wait for the bus to arrive (own account)
  • Bus drive towards the beach

Lunch on beach

We arrive at the beach for our next stop of our Cape Town City Half Day Tour. Lunch time!


Beaches & health wraps

Welcome to the crystal white beaches of Cape Town! Here I will order us some delicious health wraps, while you explore and take some photographs. There are many great things to photograph here, from the ocean waves, to the humming array of people and entertainment. Once the food is ready, we will find a nice spot on the grass or sand to enjoy our lunch together, as you get your some sand between your feet and soak up Cape Town sun. Once we are done, our Cape Town City Half Day Tour continuities, as we walk along the promenade and I show you some more great photography tips

  • Health Wraps
  • Crystal white beaches
  • Street photography secret tips
  • Local culture

Secret rock viewpoint photos

Last two stops of our Cape Town City Half Day Tour, are some secret rock viewpoints of mine


Ocean rock viewpoints

We enjoy a nice slow stroll along the beach promenade and road, as I take you to some secret rock viewpoints and beaches that only locals know about. Here you will get amazing photographs of our crystal blue oceans and white sands, with Table Mountain & the Twelve Apostles mountain range in the background. The massive granite rock viewpoints are a truly a sight to behold, and will leave you breathless. I enjoy coming here, no matter how many times I’ve been before. Our Cape Town City Half Day Tour finishes off here, once we have explored these magical viewpoints and taken many great photographs. Once done, we will take an Uber back to town or you may stay and enjoy the rest of the day on the beach.

  • Ocean & mountain landscape photography
  • Secret photography viewpoints
  • Beach walk

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