Photo Tour Sights & Locations

Come join me, as we adventure through many of Cape Town's best kept secrets

I have designed my photo tours from my love of photography and my home city of Cape Town. I want you to see and experience as much of Cape Town and its culture, in the shortest amount of time. And of course having loads of fun doing so. My tours aren’t only about seeing the sights, but also capturing them, which is why my photo tours were created, to teach you how to be a better photographer or to just take better pictures with your phone camera.

And remember, everyone is welcome, from beginners to professionals!

City & Gardens Park

Come explore beautiful, tranquil parks and gardens with me on my Cape Town Photo Tours for a nice tranquil and scenic photo walk. Under the shade of gorgeous oak trees, you will learn all about some of the buttons on your DSLR camera, or I will show you some secret app I know to enhance your camera phone photography. My Cape Towns also venture to another coastal garden park and a natural  bird sanctuary. 

Mountain Viewpoints

Cape Town is known for its unique Table Mountain, as well as many other hidden ones. While on my Cape Town Photo Tours I will show you many great secret viewpoints and mountain peaks, with no hiking is required. Here I will show you how to get the best results from your landscape photographs, including sharpness, distance haze and composition. These viewpoint are also great for you to simply sit back and take in the stunning view of Cape Town city and its beaches below

Bird Sancturies

One of my favourite places to relax and watch nature at work are the bird sanctuaries. While on my Cape Town Photo Tours, we will photograph these incredible animals in their natural habitat using your zoom lenses. I will explain how to get tack sharp images of birds in flight, which is one of the most challenging photography techniques to master. This is also a great place for wide angle landscape photography, so a zoom lens isn’t required, but it nice to have

Cape Town Beaches

What would Cape Town be without its pearly white beaches?! During my Cape Town Photo Tours, we will get our toes between the sand as we visit and drive past some of our most stunning beaches during the day and even enjoy some snakes and a beverage for sunset. Here I will you you how you can also get amazing creative shots of silky smooth water, like you see in professional photographer’s portfolios.


Another Cape Town specialty is its array of world class wine lands, rolling into the distant mountain valleys. Truly, a landscape photographer’s dream. During my Cape Town photography tours, we will indulge in some of these delicious wines as we make our way through the vineyards, while also practicing some food photography with a cheese and wine basket at an outdoor picnic.

Cape Town Promenades

If all the above isn’t enough to tickle your excitement to join my Cape Town photography tours, then the promenades offer something more culturally unique. We will shoot a swimming pool right next to an ocean while eating some yummy ice-cream. Here we will also take a bike ride to go an find interesting areas to photograph such as a lighthouse, local artist statues and families enjoying the outdoors. Perfect for practicing that portrait/street photography

Food & Wine

Adventuring to photograph the sights of Cape Town, works up an appetite very quickly! Which is why my Cape Town photography tours include paid for lunches, to keep up the energy levels high, allowing us to focus and enjoy the gorgeous landscapes. Some of the food includes, wraps on the beach, burgers & pizzas on an ocean deck, ice cream, wine tastings and much more