Morning Tour : Fri (5:30am-9:30am)

$109 per person. Group discounts

Difficulty: Moderate Fitness

Cape Town eBike Sunrise Tour

A splendid sunrise ebike tour experience, traveling from the Cape Town city to a 360 mountain viewpoint for a sunrise over the city and ocean. Once we have enjoyed the sunrise, we hop back on our ebike and head to Table Mountain for a complete alternative view of the city. Here I will take you to a secret mountain pass road that only allows pedestrians and cyclists, giving you views and photos that no other tour will get you. From here we head back down for some delicious breakfast. Once you are ready to book, simply enter your details below and you’re good to go 🙂

eBike Briefing & Safety

Our Cape Town Sunrise eBike Tour starts in Cape town city, where you will receive your bike and be given a quick safety briefing

5:30am - 6:00am

eBike Briefing

We start our Cape Town eBike Sunrise Tour off in the heart of Cape Town city where we will meet, before beginning our journey up towards the mountains. Before we do that, we need to give everyone their bikes, make seat adjustments and teach you how an eBike works. Once everyone is sorted with their eBike, I will run through some quick but very important safety rules that we will follow to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible, as we are going on roads with cars. Great! Now that all the admin is out the way, lets hop on our eBikes and start our morning adventure chasing the sunrise. 

  • Meet & Greet
  • eBike setup and introduction
  • Safety Briefing

Chasing the mountain sunrise

Our Cape Town eBike Sunrise Tour continues, as we travel towards the sunrise viewpoint

6:00am - 7:15am

Up, up and away we go!

The first part of the Cape Town eBike Sunrise Tour journey is an uphill unfortunately (this is Cape Town after all), but not to worry, this is where your eBike shines! It will assist you up the hill doing 80% of the work for you. I have also designed the tour to start with the uphill right at the beginning when you are still fresh and it’s still nice and cool before the sun rises. The hill will only take about 30mins, but does require moderate fitness. Once we’ve conquered the hill, we sit back and enjoy one of the best sunrise locations of Cape Town. We will slowing move along the windy mountain road here to get an array of great viewpoints, giving you an amazing 360 view of Cape town

  • eBike assisted uphill
  • Sunrise like no other
  • 360 views of Cape Town and Harbors

Secret Table Mountain Road

Now that the sun has risen we can head to a secret road on Table Mountain, for a completely different view

7:15am - 8:30pm

View from Table Mountain Road

Once we’ve had our delightful fill of the sunset and the stunning 360 views of Cape Town city, Table Mountain and distance ocean views, We hop back on our eBikes to cycle across towards and onto Table Mountain road. Here I will show you a secret road that no cars or other tour companies are able to take you to. From here you get even more stunning views of the city mountains and ocean, that not many tourists get to see. By now, everyone will be getting pretty hungry so we will take our Cape Town eBike Sunrise Tour downwards, as we freewheel down back into town for a delicious breakfast

  • Secret Mountain Road
  • Stunning Cape Town viewpoint
  • Easy riding

Breakfast back in the city

By now everyone will be very hungry so we will head back down to the city for breakfast

8:30pm - 9:30pm

eBike Breakfast

My Cape Town eBike Sunrise Tour definitely knows how to work up an appetite. To solve that issue, we make our way back down from Table Mountain, back towards our original meeting point, where we will park the bikes and walk across the road to a very popular breakfast cafe to fill our bellies and energy levels which some delicious food. Breakfast is own account (not included in price). Once we have all eaten, we will part ways and say our goodbyes to enjoy some rest.

  • Return to town – Downhill all the way baby! 
  • Bike drop off
  • Well deserved breakfast

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