Day Tour : Fri (10:00am-2:00pm)

$109 per person. Group discounts

Difficulty: Moderate Fitness

Cape Town eBike Day Tour

This exhilarating half day Cape Town eBike Day Tour experience, travels from the Cape Town city, through the CBD, before reaching the V&A Waterfront, which we will pass through on our way to the gorgeous coastal promenades on the other side of the mountain. Here we will take a gentle ride and stops for many great photo opportunities. Once we reach the end, we set out on our way through a magical mountain pass with majestic views of the Twelve Apostles Mountains and Cape Town beaches below. We finally make a lunch  break stop at the beachfront, before traveling back up and over another mountain valley, before free wheeling back into town. Once you are ready to book, simply enter your details below and you’re good to go 🙂

eBike Briefing & Safety

Our Cape Town eBike Day Tour starts in Cape town city, where you will receive your bike and be given a quick safety briefing

10:00am - 10:30am

eBike Briefing

We start our Cape Town eBike Day Tour off in the heart of Cape Town city where we will meet, before beginning our journey down towards the the V&A Waterfront. Before we do that, we need to give everyone their bikes, make seat adjustments and teach you how an eBike works. Once everyone is sorted with their eBike, I will run through some quick, but very important safety rules that we will follow to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible, as we are going on roads with cars. Great! Now that all the admin is out the way, lets hop on our eBikes and let our tour adventure begin! 

  • Meet & Greet
  • eBike setup and introduction
  • Safety Briefing

City, Waterfront & Promenades

Our Cape Town eBike Day Tour takes us through the city and V&A Waterfront for a local experience.

10:30am - 11:45am

Cultural Drive-by

Now that we are geared up, we set out, down through Cape Town’s metropolitan city, passing many interesting sights and cafes. Our Cape Town eBike Day Tour won’t all much time to stop here, due to the many things we have to see today, but a great starting experience none the less. Once we’ve made our way through the city, we head into the V&A Waterfront. We won’t be stopping in the Waterfront either, but we will pass through it, so that you will get to see some sights and experience the vibe as we do. After exiting the V&A Waterfront, we find ourselves on a beautiful coastal promenade rich with locals and tourists enjoying the sun, ocean, art and parks. We will take a slow ride through here and stop to take some pictures as we go.

  • Cape Town CBD
  • V&A Waterfront
  • Coastal Promenade 

Mountain Pass, & Beach side lunch

Stunning mountain road views, missed by many that drive by and never stop to admire the beauty

11:45am - 1:00pm

Viewpoints & Lunch

After our casual cruise through the promenade, we head up and along a magnificent mountain pass that if you were in a car would just flash by you. But because we are on eBikes, we are able to easily stop to take in the raw beauty of the area. We meander our way down towards the white beach strip, where we will have some yummy lunch and refreshments, as my Cape Town eBike Day Tour knows how to work up an appetite! Lunch is own account (not included in price) but you have many options here. Once we have all eaten, we set out to the last part our cycle adventure

  • Stunning mountain pass
  • Epic Cape Town viewpoints
  • Beach side lunch

Mountain Road Viewpoints

An eBike assisted uphill with the most stunning Cape Town views

1:00pm - 2:00pm

eBike uphill adventure

The last part of the Cape Town eBike Day Tour journey is an uphill unfortunately as (this is Cape Town after all), but not to worry, this is where your eBike shines! It will assist you up the hill, doing 80% of the work for you. This part of the tour is truly magnificent, with the most unforgettable views, making the journey up far less tedious. We will also take many short photo breaks in-between. The hill will only take about 30mins, but does require moderate fitness. Once we’ve conquered the hill, we sit back and free-wheel back to Cape Town city.

  • Mountain Viewpoint ride 
  • Downhill back into town
  • Bike drop off

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